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Help Us Find IMC3 Venue

Delegates from previous international mahseer conferences

It is time to find partners to deliver an exciting venue for IMC3, the third edition of the International Mahseer Conference series jointly overseen by Mahseer Trust and Fisheries Conservation Foundation.

When we organised Kochi 2017, with delegates from six mahseer range countries, discussing across topics including species, habitat, ecotourism, breeding, angling and threats to all of them, we clearly started an important movement.

Fisheries Conservation Foundation took this a step further when they organised IMC1, in Bhutan. A full conference report is available here.

Then, in February 2020, we became official partners in organising IMC2, in Thailand. The report for this is here.

Montage of images from IMC2 in Thailand
IMC covers a range of topics and fantastic interest for all mahseer lovers

Now it is time to find a host venue and organising partners for IMC3, to be held between October 2022 and March 2023. From universities to museums, government offices to private enterprises, if you have interest in mahseer conservation, you could be host, or create a host partnership.

Already, five bodies from India, two from Nepal, plus one each from Indonesia and Vietnam have asked for details of the bidding process. We are excited to discover which country will be chosen and are certain that more organisations will want to take part in showcasing what their country has to offer to guests from across the mahseer range.

As we saw in Kochi, there is huge interest, and not only from mahseer range countries. Those who need inspiration or guidance in conservation of their own freshwater habitats and fish species will all play a part.

Help us to reach out to those with shared interests, our media team are experts in raising the profile of endangered fish and threatened rivers. Together with the right local organising team, we can really make a difference.

With 50% of the 16 currently valid mahseer species being Data Deficient, there is a lot of work still to do. #ForgottenFishes

For more information about IMC3, please email and copy with the subject IMC3 Info.

Don't forget to 'like', 'share' and 'retweet' our posts, this really helps us reach new audiences. You can also connect with IMC on Twitter and Facebook at International Mahseer Conference and on Instagram at Mahseer Conservation.

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