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The Mahseer Trust is a UK Registered Charity set up to conserve mahseer as flagship species, to draw awareness and greater environmental stewardship to rivers. The Mahseer Trust operates throughout the mahseer range countries of south and south-east Asia and works with a broad range of international stakeholders across multiple initiatives.

Although the Mahseer Trust is based in the UK, we work in partnership with conservation organisations in India, with Indian scientists and universities, and engage worldwide with individuals and organisations with an interest in mahseer biology and conservation. By so doing, it is our hope and ambition that these great fishes will thrive, for the benefit of rivers, fish and people.

We believe through education and outreach we can help bring about positive change, through active community engagement

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance scientific knowledge of mahseer taxonomy, biology and ecology; provide an interactive online resource for scientists, conservationists and communities; seek funding to support international research and conservation programmes.

Our Objectives

For the public benefit, to advance education, and environmental protection and improvement:

In countries where mahseer species are present by promoting, sustaining and increasing individual and collective knowledge and understanding of mahseer species, and skills and expertise in conservation and aquaculture;

In the wider world, to carry out and contribute to research to add to the collective knowledge and understanding of mahseer species, their life cycle, habitat and their conservation;

To contribute to the education and development of young people by training them in conservation;

To contribute to the conservation of mahseer species in their natural environment and to encourage and assist international knowledge transfer.

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