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Famous mahseer finally named

The publication today of a new scientific paper has finally given a valid scientific name to the legendary hump-backed mahseer of the River Cauvery.

Hump-backed mahseer
The legendary hump-backed mahseer, Tor remadevii (Photo credit with kind permission from John Bailey)

Although the survival of the River Cauvery’s famous hump-backed mahseer is still in serious doubt, the publication today of a new scientific paper (Resolving the taxonomic enigma of the iconic game fish, the hump-backed mahseer from the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India) makes a giant leap towards saving it.

For as long as attention has been drawn to the mighty fish of south India, it has been the subject of confusion about its true identity. Now, thanks to an intensive team effort headed by Mahseer Trust Director of Research, Adrian Pinder, the fish finally has a valid scientific name: Tor remadevii.

Meanwhile, the hump-backed mahseer still awaits a conservation status from the IUCN Red Listing committee, and the river habitat itself is under massive threat from deforestation, low flows and pollution.

We have an urgent need to carry out more studies on the species’ habitat and the way it is used by the fish. Please help us by sharing the details of this story, joining the debates through our social media outlets, and by becoming a Mahseer Trust supporter or donor.

This marvellous fish, Tor remadevii, and the rivers of the Cauvery basin in which dwindling numbers of native fish swim, need our help more desperately than ever before.


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