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Art Awareness on World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day 2020 - Painting Competition

13-15-year old age group winner, Himansh Mehta

On May 16th we conducted a World Fish Migration Day drawing and painting competition in association with Mahseer Trust and All India Game Fishing Association, in Himachal Pradesh, north India. 26 children participated and we received some great entries, topped by the stunning 'figure feeding fish in a Himalayan mountain stream' by Himansh Mehta (main image, above).

The judges declared 'each one is more beautiful than the other', so that they had a hard time choosing the best of the entries.

There were three age group categories: 4-7, 8-12 and 13-15. Each category had a theme to follow.

Below are the winners for the 4-7 age category and the theme was happy fish in a mountain river 

The runner-up is Myra Chauhan (left) and joint winners in the 4-7 category are Mauli Ram Pal Saini & Yalinee Sharma.

In 8-12 year-old category, themed migratory fishes of Himachal, runner-up Jiya Rampal Saini (left) was just pipped by winner Avneey Rawat (centre). Completing the panel above is the beautiful entry from 13-15 year age group runner-up Arshika Macchan (right). The older age group were given the daunting subject: imagine a world free of barriers for fish and sparkling rivers, where humans and fish coexist peacefully.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants, we think you will agree that this is an amazing collection from a talented group of young artists. Let's hope they can continue to enjoy free-flowing rivers near their mountain homes. 

A big thanks to Rohru Connection, Rohru village community for being a part of this and showing great enthusiasm. Thank you Lalit Mohan  and Yashwant Chauhan for organising this event and Bernard Ernest for giving time to help judge the event; this must have been the toughest job. 


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